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Wooden hanger grade

2017-07-31 09:02:00 

Low-end plastic hanger for an injection molding, perhaps in the PP material body frame installed metal hook, without any attachments, making it lighter and thinner, screen printing logo, this type of suitable hanger clothes; Weight, PP and PS data at the bottom with a bar and clip, transfer or hot stamping logo; high-end hangers are usually imported ABS and KR data, frame solid, larger scale, wider racks, laser etching logo, The hanger is also equipped with a non-slip pad and a bottom bar with a clip.


The level of the hanger by the production technology and the original information on the low-end wooden hanger from the maple and other cheap wood, framed flat, smaller scale, no other accessories, the end of the product than the lower end of the larger and thicker, Choose the appearance of more lubrication of cork and maple, and perhaps environmentally friendly bamboo, and high-end hangers to take the luxury road, hanger shoulder wider and thicker, with clothing and anti-skid accessories, most senior hanger by beech, Of cedar or cedar made of wood.

The same time as

The level of the hanger is determined by the production technology and the original data. In order to prevent the clothes from being damaged by the clothes rack, all wooden hangers are polished at least three times through mechanical polishing, oil immersion and full hand polishing, and the polishing of the high-end products is more than three times. In the hanger metal parts on the use of PVC coating treatment, to prevent hanging clothes. Wooden hanger usually also according to the needs of buyers spray varnish and other colored paint.

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