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Warehouse shelves need to pay attention to what principles?

2017-07-31 09:02:00 

With the arrival of a new era of e-commerce, taobao, Dangdang platform as an important way to purchase goods in the lives of ordinary people, and so many goods and goods, how can we use the fastest speed of the goods placed in the warehouse shelves on it? What are the guidelines for placing warehouse shelves?

warehouse shelves

1, shelves guide the road

① shelves according to the size of the warehouse and SKU box custom, must be wrapped in pillars and sewers, to ensure that the shelf channel without column exposed principle.

② shelves placed according to the brand vertical order, the new shelves listed in the shelves of the first, selling the shelf list followed, flat sales of goods listed in the column, the most far as the unsold shelf. To ensure that the shortest distance in the storage of high turnover of goods guidelines.

2, do not go back to the road

Whether it is for shipping or receipt, must ensure that the goods in the same line on the implementation.

3, planning with the form of details

Shopping malls such as the battlefield, we face the market is a smoke can not see the war. We are fighting in the inventory, we are also in the distribution error rate and delay in the battle. I do not know how customers deal with logistics errors and delays. There is a customer made a monthly error rate and delay rate Kanban, the error rate and the delay rate as a team combat goals. To win this protracted war, it is necessary to develop effective tactics. We have to plan the warehouse when the delay rate and error rate as the enemy, the fine form with the form of tactics as the core.

4, only fast not broken

Electricity industry for the speed and accuracy of the requirements of the high, if we have a slight one thousandth of the fault, the customer is 100% fault. It is basically impossible to achieve the requirements of speed and accuracy by relying on the control of the process node and the ideological education of the staff. So the fundamental investment in logistics equipment is the main details of warehouse planning. Even if the temporary investment, planning the warehouse should do long-term plan.

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