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How to maintain clothing model props?

2017-07-31 09:02:00 

Guangzhou Ownway Display Equipment Co., Ltd. today to teach you how to maintain clothing model props.

clothing model props

1. The use of the process must be careful care, in the assembly or split model, the model parts as far as possible on the soft objects, to avoid too much effort to put the bruises or scratching models, especially the mold parts of the The edge of the most likely to collapse and produce a gap.

2. shopping malls placed models, as far as possible on the edge, because the model is fragile, if you fall down, then the interface of the most likely to fall off the connector and the model can not be used.

3. Model try not to put in the sun direct or spotlights too strong place, often exposure, the model surface paint will change color.

4. When you accidentally dirty the model, you can clean it by the following method.

Model surface is white paint, it depends on the model is just used soon or for a long time. If it is just used soon after the white model can be wiped with a clean damp cloth or rubber gently, with a rubber should pay attention to gently rub, or else, you rub that part of the brighter than other places; if it is used for a long time , You can use a clean damp cloth plus a little detergent for cleaning, because the use of too long white models will have some yellowing. When the model surface is other paint, the most common is the use of rubber and detergent. But there are some more stubborn can not be removed, then consider the use of universal water for cleaning, pay attention to the concentration of omnipotent water Oh, if too thick, then must be diluted with water and then clean up, or will not wash the paint Oh!

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