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Why OWNWAY specialize in good quality product?

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Why OWNWAY specialize in good quality product?
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OWNWAY display equipment is a store supply and store fixture 

manufacturer based in the Guangzhou - China. We specialize in providing retail stores

 and other small businesses with the highest quality of store displays at great prices. 


We offer competitive pricing on a vast selection of garment racks at OWNWAY Store Fixtures

While round clothing racks and double bar clothing racks allow for a large quantity of garments

 in a small space, we also offer spiral clothing racks, 2 way clothing racks, and 4 way clothing racks 

which gives you that boutique look you are searching for. 


OWNWAY display equipment also offers collapsible salesman clothing racks which can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds. Display a large quantity of garments with our double bar clothing rack! Every garment rack at OWNWAY display equipment  is of the highest quality while at the lowest price possible!


Ownway Recommend

  • Plastic clothing display female model for shopwindow HQF06
    Product Categories:Mannequins
    Type: Full-Body
    Material: Fiberglass Mannequin,
    size: Shoulder:40cm , Breast:86cm , Waist:64cm , Hips:85cm , 106*37*32cm

  • Metal chrome slotted stripping with single hole
    Product Categories:Tubing
    Processing: electroplating , Chrome plating
    Material: iron, aluminum alloy, Application: Display
    Size: Material: Aluminum alloy , Available length: 1.8m,2m,2.4m,3.0m/pcs , Available thickness: Thickness: 1mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,1.8mm,2mm

  • Slatwall Accessories AFZ22030R2D
    Product Categories:Bracket Accessories
    Processing: electroplating
    Material: iron, aluminum alloy, wood etc Scope of application: the supermarket, clothing store, jewelry shop, etc
    Size: For slatwall,square tube,with sucker,L=250mm

  • Black PVC coated clothes hanger with best price HQHP021
    Product Categories:Hanger
    Type: plastic coat hanger
    Material: plastic
    size: Size: Length=40cm , Hook: chrome hook , Logo: available

  • movable wooden adjustable female dress sewing mannequin HQS13
    Product Categories:Mannequins
    Type: Full-Body
    Material: Fiberglass Mannequin,
    size: Size:International Standard Gender:Women Style:Stand, Abstract Color:Linen Usage:Clothes Window Display Quality level:High-end and mid-range

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